Restorative Dentistry

Sometimes your dental treatment isn’t as straightforward as your six monthly checks and getting a clean bill of dental health. Often you may need some work on your teeth and this is when some patients have to endure restorative dentistry. But what does that mean? In brief, restorative dentistry is the term that dentists use to help explain how they replace missing or damaged teeth. So if you pop along to your dentist within your community with a cracked or chipped tooth, a missing filling or crown, or no tooth at all, then restorative dentistry is what will happen. The aim is to ensure that you get your natural smile back good as new and also help to prevent any further oral issues that might arise should these things be left untreated. 

Restorative dentistry is very important. It ensures that your mouth is filled with any empty spaces and your teeth are properly aligned. It can help to ensure that you keep up with good oral habits and help prevent the build up of plaque or tooth decay. The main thing to keep in mind is that missing teeth or gaps can give you a serious knock with your confidence in your appearance and your self-esteem. So it is worth it to explore the route of restorative dentistry.

What sort of procedures can you expect at Rivers Edge Dental?Restorative Dentistry
At Rivers Edge Dental we take a lot into consideration when it comes to your dental health and the restorative dentistry that we can offer. Here are some examples of the procedures you might expect should you need any restorative dentistry work doing.


One of the most common reasons for restorative dentistry to take place is the need for a filling on your tooth. This might be because there was damage that needed to be taken away, or there is a crack and chip within the tooth. A filling can be the quickest and easiest solution for this. These filling materials include gold, porcelain, silver amalgam (which consists of mercury mixed with silver, tin, zinc and copper), tooth-colored plastic or composite resin


A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth. It is used to strengthen and protect your tooth structure. Your dentist prepares the tooth, takes an impression and the crown is made in a lab by a specialist.

Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are a replacement tooth option that uses surrounding teeth as a sort of base. There are many types of dental bridges and they can replace a tooth or teeth, depending on your situation. All dental bridges help support and care for your remaining teeth and have the look and function of natural teeth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. An implant has 2 parts that consist of a metal anchor and a false tooth, similar to a crown. A dental implant looks and feels like a natural tooth and is one of the most common methods of replacing teeth these days.

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