Root Canal Therapy

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy? 

When most people think about root canal therapy (often simply known as a root canal), plenty of stereotypes come to mind. Many people think of root canal therapy as something extremely painful, so they try to avoid it at all costs. 

In reality, root canal therapy doesn’t have to fit those negative stereotypes you might already have in mind. In fact, thanks to advancements in technology and skilled dentists in the oral health practice, root canals are safe, effective, and not nearly as uncomfortable as you might think. 

During root canal therapy, the dentist removes the infected pulp within the root of your tooth. Once the infection is completely removed, the root canal is cleaned out to keep the infection from returning. Then, the canal is shaped, filled, and sealed. Not only does this take away the infection but it keeps another one from forming. 

Once the root canal is finished, a crown is placed on the tooth, so it will be ‘as good as new’ and function as well as all of your other teeth. 

What Are the Benefits?

Root canal therapy actually goes far beyond just helping the infected tooth. There are many other benefits to consider if you’ve been on the fence about going through the treatment, including: 

  • It will keep the infection from spreading to your other teeth. If the infection does spread (without root canal therapy), you might end up needing multiple root canals, or some teeth may need to be extracted. 
  • Root canals are meant to save your teeth, rather than extracting them. This prevents you from having to get dentures or partials. 
  • Root canals are durable and last a long time, improving your overall oral health. 

Another big benefit? You’ll stop experiencing so much pain. Root canal therapy isn’t something you go through every day. There is usually an extremely valid reason for it. 

That brings us to our next point. 

When Would You Need Root Canal Therapy? 

Simply put, when you need a root canal, you’ll know it. 

You might not be aware that root canal therapy is the right treatment, but it’s impossible to ignore the pain that the infected or inflamed pulp inside your tooth causes. The infection could be caused by anything from a crack or chip on the tooth to deep rot and decay. 

If you’re experiencing consistent pain, have prolonged sensitivity to temperatures when you’re eating, or your gums near the tooth feel swollen and tender, you may be in need of a root canal. 

Unfortunately, the longer you let the problem go, the worse the infection might get. You also risk the infection spreading. 

If you’re concerned about the state of your tooth and you’re wondering if root canal therapy is right for you, contact Rivers Edge Dental today. If you’re in the Coolidge, Arizona area, we would be happy to set up an appointment for you as soon as possible. You don’t have to live in pain, and you can squash any negative stereotypes you might have about root canal therapy.

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