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Dental Fillings

When you have a cavity or damage to one of your teeth, a filling is often the best way to treat it. It restores your tooth so that you can keep your natural tooth and prevent it from deteriorating further. Many people have fillings, although some people are lucky enough to have never needed one. At Rivers Edge Dental, our friendly dental team provides fillings when you need them. Our Coolidge, Arizona practice will ensure you receive the best advice and treatment when you have a cavity or have damaged a tooth.

What Are Fillings?

As the name implies, fillings are used to fill a cavity or hole in your tooth, often caused by tooth decay. Fillings are inserted as a soft material, which then hardens to restore your tooth. They can be made from a number of different materials, each of which has pros and cons.

You might be familiar with metal fillings, which tend to be very visible, but there are also options available that are much closer to the natural color of your teeth. Fillings can be a metal amalgam, which is silver-colored, or a composite made of resin and glass that can be made to match the color of your teeth. They can also be made with a glass ionomer, which is made from powdered glass, ceramic or other metals, such as gold or silver.

Why Would You Need a Filling?

A filling is usually needed when you have a cavity in your tooth, which is the result of tooth decay. Instead of removing the whole tooth, you can repair it so that you can keep your natural tooth. Cleaning out the cavity and filling it prevents further decay and protects the tooth. It can also prevent pain and ensure your tooth is functioning as it should.

Your dentist can tell you when you need a filling when they examine your teeth. However, you might also notice a few signs that suggest you could need a filling. These include feeling pain or sensitivity in a tooth, a visible hole, or a rough or jagged feeling when you run your tongue over a tooth. However, you won’t always get these signs, so it’s important to have regular checkups with a dentist.

How Fillings Work

Fillings usually don’t take very long to complete. You can often have more than one filling put in during an appointment with your dentist. The dentist may first take X-rays if they haven’t already done so at a previous appointment. Before putting the filling in, the dentist will use an anesthetic to numb the area around your tooth and make the procedure more comfortable. They will then remove the decay and fill the cavity with your chosen filling material. It generally only takes a few minutes to complete the process, and the anesthetic will wear off over the next few hours.

Getting a filling protects your tooth and prevents you from losing it due to decay. Rivers Edge Dental is here for the residents of Coolidge, Arizona who require fillings and other dental treatment. Get in touch today to make an appointment.

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