When you are researching different solutions to your dental health problems, you may come across dentures as a viable option. Here at River’s Edge Dental, our professional dentists offer dentures as a viable solution to various dental problems that we will explore on this page!

Here’s all you need to know about denture fitting in Coolidge, Arizona!

What are dentures?

Dentures is another word for false teeth. Dentures are made from either acrylic, metal, or occasionally nylon – but in any case, they are high quality false teeth that can be worn by anyone.

If you are exploring the option of dentures in Coolidge, AZ, here’s what you need to know: dentures can be fitted as a full set, or as partial dentures, by our dentists. Dentures can ameliorate many dental health problems, as we will discuss in the next section!

When do you need dentures?

Dentures are mainly worn by those who have lost teeth, either through ill health or injury. If you have experienced tooth loss or have had to have your teeth extracted by a dentist, your dentist may offer you dentures as a restorative option for your oral health.

Dentures aren’t the only option for those who experience tooth loss, but many people find them to be the most viable option under these circumstances. Read on to find out all the benefits of having dentures fitted!

3 key benefits of having dentures fitted!

Here at River’s Edge Dental in Coolidge Arizona, we want all our patients to feel comfortable and satisfied with the dental treatments they receive. That’s why we have compiled three key benefits of having dentures fitted – so if you’re considering dentures, this list is for you! 

     1. Dentures can help your speech.

People who experience tooth loss, especially if it is multiple teeth, can have trouble speaking clearly. With dentures fitted by a professional dentist here at River’s Edge in Coolidge, you will be able to articulate your words more easily! Improved speech can help people with their social confidence, maintaining clear communication with the people you love

     2. Dentures can assist with eating.

For people who have less than a full set of natural teeth, eating certain foods can unfortunately be challenging, or even painful. Gaps in your teeth can cause teeth to grow at incorrect angles causing pain, but with dentures present, this is much less likely to happen.

Dentures can assist with eating all kinds of foods, meaning you can still enjoy the meals you love without discomfort. 

     3. Dentures improve your body image and confidence. 

Losing your smile can be a knock to your confidence, but with the help of dentures, you can regain that confidence in no time! Our patients with dentures love how they present a solution to their lower self esteem after tooth loss.

Overall, dentures are often the best option for our patients who experience the loss of multiple teeth. Contact us here at River’s Edge Dental, Coolidge Arizona to book your denture consultation today.

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